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The professionals at Nutrishop Spokane provide health-conscious consumers with exceptional customer service and a diverse selection of nutritional and weight loss supplements, vitamins and more at guaranteed low prices. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Nutrishop has set a new standard in helping our customers achieve their health and fitness goals. Our team will spend quality time with you and offer personalized service to help you reach your nutritional goals.

Exceptional Customer Service

Top Brands at Guaranteed Low Prices

Free InBody Analysis & Meal Plan

Personalized Attention

Dedicated Professionals


How is our approach different?  The simple answer is we concentrate on healthy body composition such as fat loss, not just weight loss. You can expect a welcoming, professional environment with Certified Sports Nutritionists dedicated to helping you reach your health goals. We tailor nutritional plans to meet the needs of the individual by making educated suggestions based on a highly accurate composition machine called the InBody 270. The InBody tracks the most important metrics including muscle, fat, hydration, BMR and more. All of our counseling services are free, no appointment necessary. We even include free weekly check-ins to ensure accountability. If you or a friend, is struggling with “weight loss” come see us, we can help. We look forward to meeting and assisting you in achieving your fitness goals!


Let’s take a look at the results from the InBody 270.


To book a cryotherapy session or any of our other various services, please call (509) 288-4100 or click the booking button directly below.

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